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    Below is a list of quality items we manufacture and sell, or have acquired rights to sell from other manufacturers. You may click on the photos for larger and additional views of each item sold.

    If we feel the item shown requires additions description or a specifications page, there will be a link to that information page in the description field.

    We use our sister company secured web site in order to allow you to purchase these items on-line. You may use Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Credit Cards. Please note, to protect our customers we will only ship on-line orders to the address listed on your account. If you wish shipment to a different address you will need to mail your order and payment to the address on our "Orders Page"

    Price shown is "Each" unless otherwise indicated, and does not include shipping. A shipping fee will be automatically added to each order at checkout. You will therefore save money if you order items in quantity rather then individually. If you are a California Resident, State Sales Tax should be added automatically. Please view our "Orders Page" for additional details, and contact information.

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Crown Caps

These caps are cast just like the original ones. Currently we producing 4" and 4.5". Delivery 4 weeks from receipt of paid order. We are manufacturing them in brass like the original and aluminum for the budget minded. They are the same except for the weight. These caps are cast using our pattern's, machined, then polished and chromed.
Crown Caps Part # C701   Brass  4.5" $142.50
Part # C702   Brass  4" $136.50
Part # C703   Aluminum  4.5" $117.20
Part # C704   Aluminum  4" $110.20
Crown Emblem Part # C705   Brass & Chrome Plated  2.5" $74.50
Crown Caps Part # C706   Polished Aluminum  4"
Though Shown In Chrome, Part #706 Is Polished Aluminum ONLY!
Part # C707   Polished Aluminum  4.5"
Though Shown In Chrome, Part #707 Is Polished Aluminum ONLY!
Drop "T" Handles

    These were used on the cabinets of the Crown Firetrucks. The original ones Crown used were made of steel and zinc plated. These would rust out after a couple years of being in the weather. "Crown Fire Truck Dot-Com" offers these in different ways.
Crown Compartment Door Handle Part # C304    Drop "T" Handle

  • Zink Plated Drop "T"
    Since the holes on identical Crowns are not always the same "Crown Fire Truck Dot-Com" stop putting the holes in. These pieces are the same as orginal, and we would recommend using these only if the vehicle is stored inside. If you plan on drilling the holes yourself "Crown Fire Truck Dot-Com" offers a kit at no charge to mark the holes (ask for kit 303) simply screw the sets screws in (point out), line up the square, tap lightly with a ball peen hammer then drill with a 1/8" drill.

Crown Compartment Door Handle Part #C 305    Drop "T" Handle

  • Stainless Steel Drop "T"

    Stainless steel part with pre-drilled holes.
    Stem Cut To Fit

   Please Note: Since Crown hand drilled their handles to the individual compartment doors, you may need to redrill the door when using these predrilled stainless steel handles.

Vent Cap Part # 317    Vent Cap Made out of solid aluminum The finish is polished then chrome plated


Spring Loaded Center Punch Part #322     Spring Loaded Center Punch This tool is used by fire departments across the country. Place the punch against the window and press forward the impact will break the window for rescue. $6.95

Folding Foot Steps Part #337     Folding Foot Steps Attached to truck body, allows access to topside. $10.50

Aluminum Ladders All Sizes Part # N/A

  • Aluminum Ladders
    All Sizes.

  • Custom Stainless Rail Work
    Shapped to fit.

    E-Mail Us For Pricing


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